Review Revue: Velvet Monkeys - Rotting Corpse Au-Go-Go

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

I've probably said this before, but this is kind of the perfect Review Revue album. Released on RR favorites Shimmy Disc (see also here and here and here and here and oh yes, over here), featuring members of Half Japanese, partially recorded at Inner Ear studios (okay, that's more of a me thing), by a band who popped up on the Sub Pop 9 mix tape alongside such Northwest luminaries as Steve Fisk and Calvin Johnson. Oh, AND their bio on was written by none other than KCMU's own Kathy Fennessy - who may even be one of the below commenters, for all I know.

Oh, and it sounds like the music is pretty killer too.  Enjoy!

"If I remember right, the name was supposed to describe the band's sound: a cross between the Velvet Underground + the Monkees. This LP is a compilation of the 1st two Velvet Monkey releases from the early '80s Fun + up to the greatness of other Shimmy-Disc records. M or H."

"These guys get better as time goes on. Just like their namesakes."

"These dudes at Shimmy Disc just crack my whip!"

"'Everything Is Right' is oh so right on!"

"That song was released on a comp cassette called Sub Pop 9 in 1980 or so." ['83, but close.]


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