Review Revue: Third Circle - Last Night Was the Best Night of My Life

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

There's not a lot out there in Internet-land about Third Circle - or even about their label, Rouska - despite the fact that pretty much everybody at KCMU in 1986 seemed to agree that their debut release was some version of "good." Discogs and this one other blog post agree that Third Circle was mostly a guy named Martin Kelly, who was also part of Rouska head Richard Paddison (aka Rouska)'s project W.M.T.I.D. (Which I'm sure stands for something.)

But hey, sometimes we're just shedding a tiny bit of light on a relatively forgotten recording and seeing how many ways college radio DJs can find to call something good. Enjoy!

"2.2 is live and is very good. The two studio cuts are devastating. Hard, driving pop with an enormous drum sound. Go Rouska!! Medium. I repeat - big fucking drums."

"Pot very, very low!!"

"No big drums here. They're just mixed way up front. [Correct.] Very good, nonetheless."

"Incredibly good."

"This is good."

"But, technically?"

"You couldn't tell that from the raucous sound of this album." [Written on the bottom half of a label way off in the bottom right corner of the album. Maybe a comment on the title? Or response to someone else's missing comment? We may never know.]

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