KEXP Video Premiere: David Ramirez – Watching From a Distance

KEXP Premiere
photo by Stefanie Vinsel

The soulful and prolific Texas songwriter David Ramirez recently returned with his new album We’re Not Going Anywhere, which he self-released via his Sweetworld label. For the single "Watching From a Distance," he and director Erica Silverman made a video that captures the song's themes of longing and distance. Ramirez tells us:

"We filmed in an old abandoned warehouse in Lockhart, TX. When I asked Erica about the concept, she told me that this warehouse served as my purgatory; I was trapped and could only observe the going-ons of the lives outside."

Ramirez will be playing the Tractor Tavern tonight with Molly Parden. Watch the world premiere of his new video below.

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