Happy Amplifiers Love Week 2016!

Fundraising Drives

Amplifiers Love Week 2016 begins today! Thanks to the ongoing monthly support of more than 7,000 Amplifier donors, KEXP can devote more resources to bringing you great music and one-of-a-kind events like Intergalactic Bowie Day and Concerts at the Mural. Between now and Thursday, June 9, you'll have a chance to learn a little more about why these individuals choose to be Amplifiers, starting with today's donor, Starr Harris.

Starr Harris discovered KEXP in 1999 (four years before she moved to Seattle) while still living in New York City. “The commercial radio stations there were abysmal,” she says. “My roommate recommended KEXP to me. I was trapped in an office all day, and KEXP made the days much better and helped me discover new music that I wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to.”

Starr believes in the community that KEXP and donors build together. “Thanks to technology, KEXP's community is a global one, but KEXP is the heart and soul of Seattle's local music scene. Listeners worldwide are exposed to so much that other stations don't play, and there is amazing inclusion of local music from Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Everyone benefits.”

She’s experienced that impact first hand. “Getting to play a live in-studio with my band, The Snakebites, in 2006 is one of my favorite musical accomplishments to date,” she admits. “But if someone had told me in 1999 that someday I would play live on KEXP, I would’ve laughed in their face.”

Starr supports KEXP as an Amplifier because giving monthly works well with her limited budget as a full-time student. “I want to be a part of something I believe in and I want to make sure KEXP is a station I can always tune into. I don't even notice $10 a month.”

Thank you, Starr, and thanks to everyone who powers KEXP! You keep "music that matters" on the air. Visit KEXP.ORG to learn how you can support great music on KEXP by joining the Amplifiers Monthly Giving Club or to increase your monthly Amplifier donation.

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Fundraising Drives

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