KEXP Fall Fundraising Drive: Music That Matters 24-7

Fundraising Drives

Thanks to music lovers like you, KEXP’s Fall Fundraising Drive keeps humming along smoothly. Already 1,700 listeners have contributed more than $257,000 to power music you enjoy on KEXP.

West Seattle donor Meli discovered KEXP in 2013. Although she’d grown up in Emerald City, she’d been away for five years—and the drastic changes in the radio landscape startled her. All of my favorite radio stations from my teenage years had changed, either playing stupid music or way more commercials or becoming programmed by a computer.

At a party, she pleaded with her friends: “What station do you listen to in order to hear something new? Something I haven't heard a million times?” They looked at her like she’d just returned from another galaxy and suggested she check out KEXP.

“I turned it on the next morning on my ride to work and I was immediately hooked.” Now KEXP is Meli’s constant companion. “John in the Morning powers my commute every day, Shake the Shack lets me know my weekend has officially begun on Friday night … and Street Sounds helps me wind down on Sunday night to get back into the swing of things again.”

Because KEXP relies on support from music lovers, rather than advertisers, you hear music that genuinely reflects the rhythm of life. And not just during our regular shows, but on special programs, too; you helped us connect the dots between Afghan Whigs, Joy Division, and D’Angelo during Six Degrees of Greg Dulli earlier this month.

“I love KEXP because it’s never boring, never played out, and always personalized to me,” concludes Meli. And that’s what we mean when we say “listener-powered radio.” KEXP sounds like it does only because of you and your support. Please donate today and guarantee that the music you enjoy is there to keep you going strong, 24-7.

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Fundraising Drives

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