Video Roundup: Spain

Video Roundup, El Sonido
Los Punsetes // photo courtesy of the artist

by Rana San

The diversity between different regions in Spain comes across in the food, languages, landscapes and sounds. Spain's limber musical muscles stretch far and wide, from electronic to hip hop, reggae to rock, traditional to trap and everything in between.

Spring and summer festivals are in full bloom, featuring stellar international acts alongside local gems hailing from around the country. Taking inspiration from the robust Primavera Sound and Sónar festival lineups, we've curated a vibrant collection of videos starring some of our new and all-time favorite bands out of España.

On May 18th, we hosted a special three-hour all-Spain version of El Sonido: listen here

Amatria "Chinches" (Madrid)

Los Punsetes "Me Gusta Que Me Pegues" (Madrid)

Rombo "Kickboxing" (Barcelona)Mourn "Your Brain Is Made of Candy" (Barcelona)

Seward "Sweet Kick" (Barcelona)

Bflecha "B33" (Vigo)

Ocellot "Lonely Friends" (Barcelona)

Filastine "Requiem 432" (Barcelona)

SFDK "Bajo El Mismo Sol" (Sevilla)

Les Sueques "Cor Pelut" (Barcelona)

Meneo "El Jardín" (Madrid)

Sierra "Tiene Mucha Fuerza" (Madrid)

Mujeres "Vivir Sin Ti" (Barcelona)

Perro "El Ecco y Equiseto" (Murcia)

Germà Aire "Far" (Vic)

El Columpio Asesino "Toro" (Pamplona)

Grises "Animal" (Zestoa)

Pional "It's All Over" (Madrid)

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