Live Video: Mac McCaughan + The Non-Believers

Live Video
Casey Dunau
photo by Alan Lawrence (view set)

Even if you don’t know Mac McCaughan, you still know Mac McCaughan. Whether fronting indie-rock A-list bands like Superchunk and Portastatic, or running the wildly influential Merge records (home of recent KEXP guests Destroyer and Telekinesis), the veteran musician has had an omnipresent effect on the last 25 years of independent music, although the down to earth songwriter probably isn’t one for such dramatic superlatives. In fact, for the first time in his prolific career, McCaughan is allowing himself more than ever into the limelight with a solo album and tour. Accompanied by his backing band, The Non-Believers (who are also their own independent band, Flesh Wounds), McCaughan blazes through songs off his newly released self-titled record during a lively stop by the KEXP live-studio.

Though that album is sonically and lyrically influenced by bands and stories from of his adolescence (everything from Bauhaus to New Order), McCaughan isn’t tied down to any one sound, changing synths from his album into guitars on his tour, and reprising old classics from past bands (including Portastatic’s "San Andreas" live in the studio.) There’s a maturity to McCaughan easy-going flexibility, the sign of a dedicated DIY musician and businessman who’s been around the block a couple of times. There’s also loads of talent. Enjoy new hits from a longstanding great below:

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