It's On! The 9th Annual Hood-to-Hood Challenge Starts NOW!

Hood to Hood, Fundraising Drives

Seattle is an amazing city—and the whole world knows it. The Seahawks won last year’s Super Bowl, Nirvana was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and we made national headlines by raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.

But let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty: what’s the No. 1 neighborhood in Seattle? Here at KEXP leave such matters to our listeners (witness the annual Top 90.3 Albums poll). So once again we’re taking this pressing question to the people with our 9th Annual Hood-to-Hood Challenge. The neighborhood that shows the most support for listener-powered KEXP wins a day-long party featuring a remote broadcast, live bands, KEXP DJs, business discounts, and more.During our One-Day Drive this Friday, June 13, when you make a gift to power the music you love on KEXP, you can vote for the neighborhood of your choice (even if you live outside Seattle). Why wait till Friday? Take pride in your ‘hood right now! Starting today, gifts made online count towards the Hood-to-Hood Challenge.

Last month we hosted the 2014 Hood-to-Hood Day celebration in Ballard, complete with a great afternoon of free music at Hilliard’s Brewery with the Faint, Iska Dhaaf, and Katie Kate. In fact, Ballard has taken the H2H prize five times; Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and the U District have also won in years past.

Next year we’ll bring the party wherever the most KEXP love is shown during the One-Day Drive. If you listen in Queen Anne, Georgetown, or the Central District, this is your chance to shine! Don’t wait on your neighbors to go first—help your ‘hood get a head start in the 2014 Hood-to-Hood Challenge and donate today!

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