Live Video: Tango Alpha Tango

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photo by Amber Zbitnoff (view set)

With rowdy organ and improvised slide guitar, Tango Alpha Tango is not your typical rock 'n' roll band. Since 2008, the Portland-based musicians have released three albums and a three-track preview. Their newest product, Black Cloud, is a longer, heavier, piece of work, placing Tango Alpha Tango on the proverbial radar. In a recent in-studio, lead singer Nathan Trueb got up close and personal with his guitar, nearly grazing the strings with his teeth. Maybe that's just the kind of high energy that "tango alpha tango" describes in military parlance, but no matter what, their bluesy rock will blow you away. Check out their recent in-studio performance, including the new, unreleased track "White Sugar", live in the KEXP studio now:

Full Performance:

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