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Poster by Michael Heck

On any given weekend in Seattle, there are a million amazing shows to see - from jazz at a coffee shop or theater, to a grunge show at a DIY space, to a major act at any one of our large venues. Maybe this weekend you want to try something new, maybe you heard one song by this small electronic, folk, grunge group, maybe it as on Audioasis, maybe it was from a friend, or maybe you’re just tired of what you’ve been previously listening to. Luckily for you, the PNW is ripe with local acts. Because we love the amazing diversity of venues, art spaces, producers, bookers, musicians, and talent, we’re going to suggest a few. This week, we recommend Vigil: Inspired by Memory at LoveCityLove, and Bummershoot 2013, a 3-day DIY festival that takes place everywhere from Black Lodge to the Fremont Bridge to Heartland to a median on Ravenna Boulevard. We've got a comprehensive guide to all the bands and locations.

Thursday, August 29th:

Poster by Jake Muilenburg

Just because you can't stop the ever-shifting demographics of the urban neighborhood, doesn't mean you shouldn't reflect on what's been gained from what's being lost. This Thursday, Vigil will celebrate the Bauhaus block, which is slated for demolition later this year. Beloved not only for its architecture and brickwork, the block has become infamous as a symbol of the rapid, large-scale changes that grip Seattle. So LoveCityLove will host over 100+ artists, writers, and musicians to take over the small area in order to express their memories of all that has taken place and existed there. This includes a DJ set from Jeffrey of Wall of Sound, as well as readings from Rich Smith, Maged Zaher and Sarah Galvin. Music performances include Hair and Space Museum as well as DJ Bennett Schatz and composer/Pollens member Hanna Benn. Art will be graciously installed by everyone, including Derek Erdman, Emily Pothast, C.M. Ruiz, Frank Correa, Leena Joshi and oh, about 80 or so more. More info here. LoveCityLove, 4pm, free, all-ages.

Hair & Space Museum:

Hanna Benn:


Friday, August 30th - Sunday, September 1st:

Poster by Karsten Foerster

Okay, yes, Bumbershoot might be one of the greatest festivals of all time. But it isn't the only festival that happens that weekend. Instead of simply ditching out on the sometimes overcrowded, definitely very large and somewhat mainstream festival, Seattle's DIY-sters have very productively curated a weekend of alternative shows for your enjoyment: BUMMERshoot. If you have ever wanted to get into the DIY (or DIT as Heartland quips) scene, this is a great chance to do it. Below is your guide to who's playing where and when, and I can pretty much promise you won't have to fight anyone to get to the front (everyone knows that we're a friendly group, and willing to step aside to let a newcomer check out a beloved band).

Friday//Hollow Earth Radio:

Poster by Mike Walker

Friday make the trek over the hill and down to the sometime sweaty always welcoming space of Hollow Earth Radio to hear some exquisite and unafraid experimental music from the dream-centric Briana Marela to the visceral performance art of Vivian James who will perform with White Boy Scream. On the doom surf or bands that include actual instruments being played the regular but still wonderful way is The Webs. Then, on the side of I-don't-really-know-what-to-expect is Willpower, which is composed of the double Will duo William Statler of Punishment and William Murdoch of Pleasure Beauties. Also performing is a solo girl + her electric guitar duo Try The Pie, who's charming/catchy tunes come all the way from San Jose. HER, 7pm, SD, all-ages.

Briana Marela:

Vivian James:

The Webs:

Try The Pie:

Saturday// The Median:

Poster by Charlie Daugherty

The median next to Trading Musician in Ravenna - you probably didn't know it was a music venue. But despite "The Median"'s modest accommodations, the show will, in fact, go on, with acoustic/poppy/dreamy performances narrowly avoiding being side-swiped by Waxing Hearts, the banjo drifter Lexi Lee, Neighbors, and Pitschouse. Consider this the 'music lounge' performances of the Bummer's weekend. The Median, free, all-ages.

Waxing Hearts:

Lexi Lee:



Saturday// Heartland:

Poster by Michael Heck

Heartland appears to be the 'mainstage' or the 'heart of the goose' in the case of Bummershoot. Acts include The Web's Lily Morlock's project Tummy, electronic escapist Hibou, pop that can't stop and is somewhat hysterical Punishment, and CTPCK records exciting in house band Children of Kids. That's less than half the list. Not to mention you can grab some selected records from the famous Golden Van Records which will be posted up outside. Heartland, 2-7pm, SD, all-ages.




Children of Kids:

Saturday// Black Lodge:

Poster by Karsten Foerster.

Saturday night you can drop out/get kicked out/shout it out at Black Lodge with an impressive line-up of all things screeching/melodic/punk. So Pitted brings their angry punch in the brain trio of angry post-punk hybridization, while the other Seattle representative Mega Bog is more like a surprisingly non-boggy trio that bobs and jerks around on stage while Erin Birgy's vocals make spritely appearances. Metal/art rock duo Lozen from Tacoma makes an appearance as well - and the lineup is rounded out with touring Mines from Chicago. Also with Dharma, and Night Surf won't actually be at this show. Black Lodge, 9pm, all-ages.

So Pitted:

Mega Bog:



Sunday // Fremont Bridge:

Poster by Erin Tanner

The second surprising and exciting non-location location for Bummershoot is The Fremont Bridge - where Whitney Ballen and Slashed Tires will alternately soothe you and freak you out. To say Whitney Ballen's voice is haunting is a bit of an understatement - not only does she almost spark comparison to Joanna Newsom at times, but before you know it she is a sweetly lilting old-country crooner, and then she's an unsettling cover of Nancy Sinatra at others. Slashed Tires on the other hand has been seeking a "5 'horn' players" in order to round out a live performance of his funky/scary disco dreamy set. Fremont Bridge, 7pm, free, all-ages.

Whitney Ballen:

Slashed Tires:

Sunday // Josephine:

The last show of Bummershoot takes over the Josephine in Ballard with performances from iji, Koda Sequoia, Swamp Meat, Chung Antique and others. Whether you get your kicks from jubilant expressions of freak-dom or from some seriously good psych-experimental cassette/vinyl loving bands, this closing show about sums up everything feel-good, slightly awkward, but always excited about Bummershoot. iji's pretty much been solidly nailing the poppy experimental scene for a few years now, I've linked to his Yerself below but would always reccomend Soft Approach. Also with Craig Salt Peters, who was a sugary new discovery for me, as well as Tweens, Shonny and the Bad Boy, and a performance by comic artist/puppeteer Erin Tanner of Olympia. Josephine, 9pm, all-ages.


Swamp Meat:

Chung Antique:

Koda Sequoia:

Craig Salt Peters:


Honorable Mentions:

This Wednesday, August 28th, Seattle's USF will perform with Canadian Born Gold at The Cockpit ($5). Cross the street to Therapy Lounge and find YourYoungBody with Parisians Exotic Club and DJs Ea$y Iri$, Logic Vortex and Scorpion Warrior ($5, 21+). Downstairs at Barboza catch this month's Sudden Vacation with D33J, Beat Connection DJs, DJ Hojo, DJ D'Nelski, and R-Pal ($10, 21+).

Thursday, see La Luz on your lunch break at City Hall entirely for free - starts at 12:00 noon, don't be late (free, all-ages). Black Lodge has Terminal Fuzz Terror along with Cerberus Rex, WEED, and Noise-A-Thon (all-ages).

Saturday, August 31st, local label Couple Skate's The Numbs performs at Cairo with Pill Wonder and Young Benoit (all-ages). Bogart's has pop-punk Lemuria from Buffalo, NY playing with Success, Slatwall, and Dead Bars (free, 21+). Victory hosts locals Grave Babies and Jet Man Jet Team, with Florida's Teepee, and California's Red Traces (6$, 21+).

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