Sasquatch 2013, Day 2: Rose Windows

Sasquatch, Local Music, Live Reviews
Katherine Humphreys
photos by Matthew Thompson

Day two started off cool and got warm - and at the sun drenched Yeti Stage, Rose Windows started the day with their deep psychedelic mystic rock. Singer Rabia Qazi's voice rumbled high and low as the Seattle band played through most of what we can assume comes from their upcoming album, The Sun Dogs. The only way to see Rose Windows that would be better than with the red cliffs of the Eastern Washington would be to see them in the desert, dancing and drifting through the shimmering drugged up heat. Yes, they are just as good live as their two singles suggest (hear "Heavenly Days" here) - flute wavering in, guitars playing perfectly nuanced but heavy riffs, the cymbals flaring in the background. In their live performance, Black Sabbath's influence shines through, the heavy notes pierce through the daylight and make you before before you know whats happening. "Hard-hitting hippie" was a phrase on the tip of my tongue as I watched a fairly small crowd entranced by the music, swaying their knees and hollering along with Qazi's exclamations by the end of the set. An excellent start to a beautiful day the Gorge - and probably one of the most location-suited sets of the weekend.

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