KEXP Spring Fundraising Drive: Ladies and Gentlemen... the Animals!

Fundraising Drives

The animals are together at last—and I’m not talking about Eric Burdon and company reuniting to hit the casino circuit. KEXP’s Spring Fundraising Drive kicks off this Friday, and as a special thank you gift to donors who contributor $100 or more, we’re offering a brand new kids T-shirt. Created by Chad Syme of Score and Ten, it features all the budding musicians seen on previous KEXP kids’ tees, along with the group’s latest member: a giraffe with a penchant for Mother Love Bone.

The “Animal Band” T-shirt embodies the spirit of KEXP Fundraising Drives so well, because this is a time when the myriad members of the KEXP Community come together as one to celebrate great music. That and it’s a zoo around the station for eight days.

I also love the new kids T-shirt because listeners often tell us how KEXP brings families closer together and helps bridge the generation gap. “KEXP has become woven into my children's lives,” Katy in Richland, WA wrote in last month. “They are eight and 11 years old, and can tell me what shows come on which nights. They love hearing ‘the Friday song’ on John Richards’ show before they head out the door to school. The music we hear is becoming part of our family history and I love that, and that's why I will continue to support KEXP.”

I’m looking forward to hearing why listener-powered KEXP is important to you. Please take a moment to make your gift of support right now and share the reasons you power KEXP. Your donation today will count towards the Spring Drive—and helping us reach out goals faster means more time for enjoying Grizzly Bear, Tame Impala, Cat Power and more “music that matters.”

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