Interview: Pearl Jam with Director Judd Apatow


When you're a band as big as Pearl Jam, do you really need to do interviews? Nah, probably not. What if you've got a new album titled Lightning Bolt, due out October 14th on their own label Monkeywrench? Well, okay, fine then.

As a band that has legendarily made their own rules throughout their decades of success, Pearl Jam is even doing the press circuit their own way -- only four interviews with a selected group of friends: athletes Mark Richards and Steve Gleason, fellow rocker-turned-Renaissance woman Carrie Brownstein, and the interview KEXP proudly presents to you today, with award-winning director Judd Apatow, courtesy of NPR.

Over the course of nearly an hour, these men discuss everything from guitar solos to film edits, with a lot of Neil Young fandom. You can listen to an edited version of this interview today at 2:00PM on The Afternoon Show on KEXP with DJ Kevin Cole, and watch the complete interview in the video here now:

If you want more, you can listen to the entire album stream of Lightning Bolt right now on iTunes. And ready NPR's feature on the interview here.

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