Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters, is "Fear" by Big Ups, from the 2018 album Two Parts Together on Exploding In Sound Records.
PHOTO BY Carlos Cruz

Brooklyn post-hardcore quartet Big Ups released their third full-length, Two Parts Unknown, a couple months ago. Our song of the day, “Fear,” was an early single off the album. Frontman Joe Galarraga previously said this about the song and accompanying video: "A lot of this album focuses on liminality and takes place in liminal spaces. 'Fear' talks about the unknown and turns it into anxiety - dealing with uncertainties before going to sleep and the difficulty of navigating a new day when confronted with the harshness of reality. This was an interesting song to write because the second verse mirrors the first in such a way that attempts to make the anxieties of the morning and night indistinguishable. The video for 'Fear' was pieced together by Brendan using clips he found on YouTube, as well as videos that all of us have taken of our shows and tours over the years. Some of the video dates back as early as 2010; there is footage from our very first show included! It was a fun way to catalogue and highlight some of our favourite shows, venues, tours, videographers, and memories, and we hope others can enjoy it, too." Watch the video below as well as Big Ups’ KEXP in-studio from 2014. Last month, the band stopped by KEXP for a second in-studio session. Footage from that will be released shortly.




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