Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters is “Junipero Love” by Hibou from the 2018 album, Something Familiar, out now via Barsuk Records

Black Mirror is an incredibly divisive show. I've personally had many bar top arguments over the merits of different episodes and which ones ranked highest, but there is one episode that nearly every Black Mirror fan agrees ranks among their favorites and that's episode 4 of season 3: "San Junipero." Critics called it one of the best television episodes of 2016 and it won two Emmys. Seattle indie pop musician Hibou (aka Peter Michel) was inspired by this episode for "Junipero Love," the lead single off his sophomore album Something Familiar, released March 2 via Barsuk Records. Michel told Seattle Weekly: “['San Junipero'] was one of the best love stories I had ever heard. The contrast between the two worlds hit very close to home for me, as I often feel torn between a conscious state and losing a hold of my memories and who I am. The episode dealt a lot with how scary it is to commit yourself to love and transition which I think is quite beautiful. Patience, dedication, and purity, are outgoing themes throughout the story and those are things that now more than ever I am finding solace in.” - Jasmine Albertson

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