Kikagaku Moyo - Gatherings

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Hosted by Cheryl Waters
Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters, is "Gatherings” by Kikagaku Moyo, from the 2018 album Masana Temples on Guruguru Brain.

Japanese psych-rock band Kikagaku Moyo are experts in exploring the sonic corners of the psych-rock world they’ve come to call home. Whether poking in backyard corners and discovering a forgotten synth progression or gardening the front yard to unearth the perfect bridge to flaunt their math rock influences, Kikagaku Moyo have established a comfortable residence in the ever-expanding realm of modern psych. Our Song of the Day, “Gatherings,” is the penultimate track off their latest record Masana Temples, the fourth record from the recently European-relocated band.

“‘Gatherings’ is the oldest song on this record,” explains drummer/vocalist Go Kurosawa. “With this song, we’re expressing our journey in the world. We’ve gathered everyone in the band’s ideas in this song along with the ideas and influences of the places we’ve visited throughout our travels."

Watch Kikagaku Moyo’s KEXP in-studio performance from August below and read an interview with the group.


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