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Today’s song, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards is "Fun At The Geysers" by MOURN, from the 2018 album Sorpresa Familia on Captured Tracks.
PHOTO BY Noemi Elias

Barcelona rockers MOURN released their third album, Sorpresa Familia, at the beginning of the summer via Captured Tracks. The album’s themes center around “mistreatment by toxic figures, letting go of the past, and being quite literally abandoned in a foreign city as touring teenagers.” Our Song of the Day, “Fun At The Geysers,” deals with the latter and is pointedly directed at a situation with their former Spanish label, when the band played Iceland Airwaves in 2015.

"The people from the label that came with us [to Reykjavik] were telling us that through the years we'd learn how to endure being hungry,” explained MOURN. “They didn't really care about us at that point. We arrived to the city, ate something and went to sleep right away. The next day we woke up and found ourselves alone in Reykjavík without money or food. The people from the record label had taken a taxi to visit the geysers without telling us. We found out because one of them posted a photo on Instagram. They paid for their excursion with the money the festival was paying us, as usual, counting it as 'expenses.'"

Since then, the band has had their revenge by returning to Iceland for the video for “Fun At The Geysers,” which MOURN directed, produced, and edited themselves. Watch it below.


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