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Kevin Cole
Friday, October 28, 2016 - 2 PM
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Runtime: 14:37:29.660

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Tasty Fish
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DJ Comment: Featuring back-up vocals by La Roux's Elly Jackson. If you're a fan of the band, check out this adorable episode of "What's in My Bag" featuring New Order's husband-wife team (also sole members of The Other Two) Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris record shopping, then sharing their picks: Celebrating Morris' 59th birthday today!
Tutti Frutti
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DJ Comment: “Electronic music has always been really important to us, from the very early days. Even when we were recording ‘Strange House’ – that was the first time that we really ran into synthesizers. We were mixing some tracks with Jim Sclavunos in Mute Studios, and as he was doing his thing, there was a Sequential Circuits Pro One, there was a… well, it was Mute Studios – there were loads of bits and pieces! There was a 303, and an 808. There was a Minimoog… and we were just playing around. We were already interested in that world and that music, but it was the first time we’d really had a chance to play around with those instruments. By the time we’d started writing ‘Primary Colours’, there was probably already about three synthesizers in the lineup. It’s just a natural thing for us – we’re in this slow ascension into music that elevates, and so for this record, we just wanted to focus on that a little more. And it’s subtle, really.”
I See You
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Extrasolar Heartbeat
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...air break...
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DJ Comment: On working with Melissa Rigby, who played drums on the album: "I think we’re both sensitive guys. We’re not very macho. It was nice having a female figure in the creative process. We both fed off of that. I’ve played in bands with women for some time and I’ve enjoyed having a female there, because I find that sometimes men can be… even if they don’t realize it, they can be a bit macho with their direction and their perception of things. I enjoy working with women, because it can give a kind of freshness. For years I’ve played in bands, since I was a teenager and working with a woman always gives you a different outlook and I think it helped the record. I think it gave us a relaxed element, we weren’t within our comfort zone, but we were comfortable at the same time." James Hoare Ultimate Painting played a stunning set live set here; check it out!
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DJ Comment: "Being well-known, or sort of well-known, is weird. It makes you self-conscious. It also makes you watch everything you say in a public situation, especially in interviews, or between songs on stage. I like to think we’re pretty jokey people, self-deprecating – and we can be quite moronic, too – but we’ve had to learn to be careful in how we present ourselves, just in case. People are very quick to take offence at the slightest thing, aren’t they – and then blog about it.” ~ Ellie Roswell Watch Roswell and her band perform a gorgeous in-studio session, complete with candid interview, right here:
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Gamma Knife
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Plastic Plant
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