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Kevin Cole
Friday, August 1, 2014 - 2 PM
The Afternoon Show: loves you!
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DJ Comment: On music she listened to while writing Let England Shake: "I listened to lots of the Pogues and the Velvet Underground; I love the energy of their music whilst dealing with very important and difficult subject matter. It gets the blood running. I listened to lots of the Doors because they had a certain indefinable quality to the music that was really intriguing, & I wanted to try to capture some of that. And, for me, their music is associated with a particular era of great turbulence and change. And I listened to a lot of folk music from all across the world-- not just English or Irish, but some from Russia, Cambodia, traditional Jewish folk music, all over. I just tried to listen to as much ancient, traditional music as I could. It's passed down from one generation to another, & that's the beauty. One can learn so much from traditional music, and when you take music back to how it first began, there's a way of really conveying news from one province to another."
Wang Dang Doodle
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DJ Comment: "Spoon may have taken a few years off since we last saw them on 2010’s Transference, but if the few tracks they’ve released from They Want My Soul are any indicator, they haven’t lost an ounce of energy in the downtime. Not that there was really much downtime – Britt Daniel spent those years in between recording an LP with Divine Fits and touring, as well as working with Split Single. But with the announcement of the new Spoon record, the mood has swung back to tried and true Spoon mantra. With the cool sing-along of “Do You” and the atmospheric, introspective groove of “Inside Out”, They Want My Soul is shaping up to be another in an extensive list of modern classics, and we can hardly wait until it drops and we can soundtrack the rest of the summer with it." Read on, and download your own free copy of "Rent I Pay" here, from the KEXP blog:
They Want My Soul
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DJ Comment: "Combining the noisy swells of the Jesus and Mary Chain with melodic elements of '50s rock & roll, the Raveonettes formed in Copenhagen. Guitarist Sune Rose Wagner had tried assembling a band for several years, traveling between New York City, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and an island outside of Seattle in his search for like-minded musicians. A longtime fan of Bob Dylan, he also prized the songwriting of Buddy Holly, the harmonies of the Everly Brothers, and the guitar work of Mark Knopfler, although it was the lovely dissonance of Sonic Youth and the Jesus and Mary Chain that ultimately motivated Wagner to pursue music professionally. Alas, his stay in America didn't exactly pan out, and Wagner returned to Denmark, where he connected with bassist/vocalist Sharin Foo. A fan of the Beatles and the Velvet Underground, Foo had also studied qawwali and Hindustani classical music during a six-month stay abroad." Download a free Raveonettes track? Yes!
Wake Me Up
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Clint Eastwood
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Open The Door To Your Heart
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