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Kevin Cole
Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 2 PM
The Afternoon Show: loves you!
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DJ Comment: Radiohead fans have been abuzz the last few weeks: following cryptic short videos and even more cryptic snail mail messages sent to fans, all of the band's social media went dark. Then, a few days later, as fans started rampaging through the streets like cannibals, they released a new track, ostensibly the single off their upcoming ninth album. Enjoy "Burn The Witch" and hold onto your pants, because the band is back.
Burn the Witch
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DJ Comment: From waaay back in the vaults, we have the Drill EP from back when Radiohead was still named On A Friday. The EP was a collection of demos that ended up being re-recorded for their debut album Pablo Honey, and the rest is history. For a pretty stark contrast, check out Radiohead's new release:
Prove Yourself
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DJ Comment: Kris Orlowski's second album features a confident, muscular sound with lyrics that often turn inward underneath the folk-tinged pop rock. He'll be playing tomorrow night at The Crocodile, so get tickets now.
Falling Apart
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DJ Comment: "Casual Party" is the single off of Band of Horses upcoming release Why Are You OK, out in June on Interscope records.
Casual Party
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DJ Comment: Thao & The Get Down Stay Downs recently came through the KEXP studios in promotion of the new album, A Man Alive. It was a killer show, and in her interview with Cheryl Waters she touches on the origins of the song: Thao was helping a friend with the impending passing of her father as she was cutting her own album about her own relationship with her father. What resulted was a poignant, but still effectively pop-y rock song that lacked some of the folk-ier elements of some of her previous releases. Check it out:
Nobody Dies
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DJ Comment: The Hold Steady - the Brooklyn punk staple - are known for their lyrically dense, poetic storytelling laid atop classic bar rock riffs and structures. "Stay Positive" is no exception, a track from their fourth album about the difficulties of aging, the pressures to compromise and "get realistic" as one ages in the musical world, tied together with a plea to stay true to the youthful optimism that so often gets shut out in adulthood.
Stay Positive
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DJ Comment: Elsa Fredriksson Holmgren holds down Sweden's The Sun Days on this strong debut: jangly pop-rock with perfect singalong hooks and sunny melodies, including "I Keep On Wondering"'s insistent chorus: "do what you want in life."
I Keep On Wondering
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DJ Comment: Shades of The Verve, Doves, and Suede can be heard on SULK's second album, which is replete with anthemic choruses and lofty, soaring harmonies.
Black Infinity
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DJ Comment: A dedication by The Waterboys to the late Prince, "The Whole of the Moon" is the second track off the poignant This Is the Sea. Make sure to join us tomorrow for our afternoon dedication to Prince, when DJ Kevin Cole will be sharing stories and rare cuts of the legend.
The Whole of the Moon
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DJ Comment: The latest solo album from Husker Du/Sugar frontman Bob Mould continues his legacy of solid, pop-punk songwriting. He'll be playing KEXP live Tuesday May 10th, and then again that night at The Showbox.
The End Of Things
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DJ Comment: Queens' sixth was a bit more polished and subdued than most fans expected, but tracks like "My God Is the Sun" show that their psychedelic, occasionally glam rock style hasn't faded or been tempered with time.
My God Is the Sun
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DJ Comment: It's rare that a band will throw you a curveball on their eighth album, but that's exactly what King Gizzard has done. Following up the predominantly acoustic Paper Mache Dream Balloon with heavy, distorted psych rock was a risky move - but one that paid off: they'll be playing alongside megastars like Grimes and Florence and the Machine at this year's Sasquatch! Music Festival
Gamma Knife
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DJ Comment: There's nothing more that can be said about The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, perhaps the most famous album of the late, great David Bowie. May we be so lucky to see such a talent again - but at least we have a mountain of hits to keep us company until then.
Ziggy Stardust
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