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Capitol Hill Block Party 2001

Aveo - 7/14/2001
Aveo has been getting tons of airplay up here at KEXP and they knew they had to "bring it" as tons of listeners showed up to see if they were as wonderful as everyone in this town thinks they are. They proved to everyone they were. With stunning vocals and just about the most insane drummer I've ever seen, Aveo blew through a unique set of rock.

High Violets - 7/14/2001
Portland's High Violets were the first to play at the KEXP tent and started the day of in grand style. Space rock that brought to mind Ride or Spiritualized the band had everyone asking, "Who is this?!" Look for a brand new full length in the fall by the way.

Gossip, The - 7/14/2001
5 songs, 15 minutes. God bless The Gossip. Yelling at the crowd to get closer, they did, about 3 feet from the band as they killed everyone lucky enough to witness one of the nation's most talked about live band. This 3-piece went nuts with a set of blistering blues fused rock. I thought the guitar player was going to knock the entire tent down, they didn't but they did impress everyone standing with their jaws hanging wide open.

Carissa's Wierd - 7/14/2001
Not the ideal setting for a passionate indie-folk band you would think but Carissa's Wierd proved everyone wrong. As the kids in the first row or two of people took a seat in the middle of 10th Ave, this Seattle band played through a brilliant set featuring accordion, keyboards, violin and the prettiest songs that alley ever saw.