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Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Neba Solo - 6/30/2003
Neba Solo is singer and a master of the balafon (a traditional Malian xylophone). Neba Solo not only plays a modernized bassline on the balafon, but has pushed the instrument's limits further, using it for elaborate solos. Join Neba Solo and his band for a live session of the finest in Malian dance music.

Oumou Sangare - 6/30/2003
Singer Oumou Sangare is a Malian music superstar. She composes story-based songs that are often feminist in nature. Her distinctive Wassoulou style mixes Malian traditional instruments kamele ngoni, djembe, violin and flute with western kit drums, electric guitar and bass. These tracks were recorded live at the 2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Sekouba Traore - 6/30/2003
Sekouba Traore performs in the ancient style of donso ngoni, that of the hunters of Mali. The "donso ngoni" is a large, six-stringed hunter's harp. Sekouba's trio features two donso ngonis and a percussion scraper, the "karagnon". These hunters do astounding dances while still playing their instruments.

National Instrumental Ensemble of Mali - 6/30/2003
Two members of the Malian group Ensemble National, Babily Kanoute and Modibo Diabate join Cheick Hamala Diabate for some gorgeous griot music. The balafon (xylophone), kora (harp) and ngoni (small African lute) merge in an improvisational form that is similar to jazz.

Tartit - 6/30/2003
From Timbuktu, Tartit is an ensemble of 4 men and 4 women, all former Tuareg refugees. The emphasis of this desert music is on the vocals. Guitar, teharden (lute) and tinde (drum) are used sparingly. This stirring music is unique in its ritualistic essence and primitive sophistication.

Tabital Pulaku - 6/30/2003
From Mopti, Malian artists Tabital Pulaku play in the Fulani style. Originally created by nomadic herders, Fulani features the Fula flute as its main solo instrument. Boureima Dicko's incredible flute melodies are showcased in this live performance.