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KEXP Live from Chicago 2008

The Ruby Suns (Live from Chicago) - 7/18/2008
From California to New Zealand by way of Africa and Thailand, The Ruby Sun's Ryan McPhun compounds a global melange of tropical psychedelia worthy of it's convoluted pedigree. Recorded live at Engines Studios in Chicago on KEXP.

Occidental Brothers Dance Band International (Live from Chicago) - 7/18/2008
Chicago's Occidental Brothers Dance Band International is a multi-racial and bi-continental afro-pop ensemble bringing jazz-trained and rock schooled American musicians together with Ghanaian musicians in a spot-on cross-cultural throw down blending Central and West African styles that is guaranteed to get your booty in motion. Recorded live on KEXP at Engine Studios in Chicago.

The M's (Live from Chicago) - 7/18/2008
Chicago neo-psychedelic noise-pop outfit The M's wake up the KEXP crew in this exclusive early morning live performance from Engine Studio on KEXP.

Pretty Good Dance Moves (Live from Chicago) - 7/17/2008
Brooklyn-via-Chicago trio Pretty Good Dance Moves bring on the swanky electro-pop grooves featuring the exceptional vocal talent of Genevieve Schatz. Needless to say, pretty good is an understatement. Beautiful stuff. Recorded live on KEXP at Engine Studios in Chicago.

T-Model Ford and Gravelroad (Live from Chicago) - 7/17/2008
It's Jack Daniel Time for real for Chicago Bluesman T-Model Ford and Gravelroad in this exclusive set for KEXP from Engine Studio in Chicago.

Au (Live from Chicago) - 7/16/2008
Portland band Au (lead by multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland) twists, bends and hammers the freak-folk genre into gilded filigrees of alchemical dreamscapes. And dig the saw. Recorded live on KEXP at Engine Studios in Chicago.