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KEXP Live from NYC October 2007

Wild Sweet Orange - 10/19/2007
lthough Wild Sweet Orange hail from Birmingham, Alabama, their spacious, dreamy sound featuring reverb-drenched triple-guitar washes and the blissed-out vocals of Preston Lovinggood recall the early days of U2. Recorded live on KEXP in NYC.

Foals - 10/19/2007
Foals are a young Oxford five-piece that build tight and quite danceable rock with a Moog, a pounding back section and two dueling guitars played high on the fretboard. They join KEXP live from the 2007 CMJ festival in NYC.

Band Of Horses - 10/19/2007
Join KEXP local favorites Band of Horses in this exclusive set recorded live on KEXP at Gibson Showroom in New York City.

Yeasayer - 10/18/2007
No need to worry, you will be swept away by the fantastic tribal-gospel sound of Brooklyn's Yeasayer. Recorded live on KEXP at Gibson Showroom in NYC.

Sons And Daughters - 10/17/2007
Sons and Daughters mix punk tempo and distortion with dark folk rock. The male/female dynamic is wonderful and while their sound’s a bit spooky it’s made for dancing. The Scottish group performs live on KEXP during CMJ 2007 in New York.

Eagle Seagull - 10/16/2007
This group from Lincoln, Nebraska is emotional and super energetic with complex and dynamic song structures (oh, and really long song names). Eagle Seagull performs tracks from “The Year of the How-To Book” live on KEXP from CMJ 2007.

Harlem Shakes - 10/16/2007
Brooklyn's Harlem Shakes flesh out their hook-filled, angular and bouncy garage-pop sound with Spector-ish backing vocals and lo-fi keyboards. Recorded live on KEXP in New York City.

Hold Steady, The - 10/16/2007
The Hold Steady are a tight and rugged group with big classic rock guitar/piano riffs and incredible half-sung lyrics about urban debauchery and/or life that’ll make you reminisce about some party that you didn’t attend. Make up you own memory, it matters not. This set recorded live on KEXP at CMJ 07.

Pela - 10/16/2007
Brooklyn band Pela bring on their ardent alt-rock anthems in this high-energy performance recorded live on KEXP at the Gibson Showcase in New York City. "Rainin' In Darling" is a Will Oldham cover.

Le Loup - 10/15/2007
Le Loup creates head-turning indie-folk with a bevy of instruments, a commanding energy, and a knack for dramatic surges between quiet to noise. This D.C. seven-piece join KEXP live at CMJ 2007 in NYC. - W. Myers

Epochs, The - 10/15/2007
The Epochs (pronounced ee-poks) are led by brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay, songwriting partners since elementary school. They cover a lot of ground, both musically and geographically, having returned to their home in Brooklyn after over a year in Seattle honing their craft. Their songs are complex and layered, yet laid back, ranging from bluesy bump 'n grind to rhythmically complex and moody electropop. Recorded live on KEXP in NYC.