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KEXP Live from NYC April 2005

French Kicks - 4/8/2005
Brooklyn's own French Kicks perform a pensive, dreamy set of pop rock live in New York City at the Museum of Television and Radio.

Cloud Room, The - 4/8/2005
New York band The Cloud Room perform 80's-inspired pop in this live session recorded on location in NYC. Ranging from bouyant to dark, this up-and-coming act combines vocal theatrics with lyrical sincerity and a catchy pop heartbeat.

Dutch Kills - 4/7/2005
New York band Dutch Kills add psychedelic guitar effects to their dramatic indie-rock style in this session recorded live in NYC.

Kristin Hersh - 4/7/2005
Kristin Hersh found fame early in her career as a member of the legendary indie rock band Throwing Muses. She is now known also for her fine solo work. Kristin's dark, hopeful lyrics, warbling, raspy vocals and distinctive crash-and-rise guitar style shine out in this live session recorded on KEXP in New York City.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - 4/6/2005
After a long night, Scottish band Dogs Die in Hot Cars perform on KEXP's Morning Show. Join them for an especially early live session of psychedelic pop rock recorded on location in NYC.

Phoenix - 4/6/2005
French band Phoenix shake up a set of American-style pop-rock with dark lyrics, funky bass, shimmery percussion and dreamy guitar. Join them here for a rare acoustic session, recorded live in New York City.

Fiery Furnaces, The - 4/6/2005
Brother-and-sister duo Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger weave wild images and strange questions into their arty, quirky pop-rock. Join The Fiery Furnaces for a live acoustic set recorded at The Museum of Television and Radio in NYC.

Caulfield Sisters, The - 4/5/2005
Former Pee Shy members, Cindy Wheeler (accordian, guitar) and Mary Guidera (bass) join up with drummer Kristen Mueller for a new psychedelic pop sound. Join this Brooklyn trio live in New York City at The Museum of Television and Radio.

National, The - 4/5/2005
Dig a little deeper with Brooklyn-based band The National. Unsettled, reflective lyrics are delivered deadpan over jangly electric guitar. Post-punk feedback and punk rock yells jump out to grab you in this arresting session of live indie-rock recorded in NYC.

Ivy - 4/4/2005
This New York band is fronted by the enticing French singer Dominique Durand. Join Ivy here for a live set of bouyant electro-pop originals recorded on location in NYC.

John Doe - 4/4/2005
Singer-songwriter John Doe is the former frontman from the influential rock-n-roll band X. Join John and his guitar for a live session of rock originals, recorded on KEXP in NYC.

Mike Doughty - 4/4/2005
Lo-fi rhythm guitar runs in third gear under the well-oiled, driving voice of distinctive singer-songwriter Mike Doughty (formerly of Soul Coughing). Join Mike and his guitar live on KEXP in New York City for exclusive versions of his cleverly twisted pop-rock songs.