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Savina Yannatou

WOMAD 2001
Based on traditional material - mainly from the Mediterranean Area - Savina Yannatou and the group Primavera en Salonico offer an open sound without borders or labels, from simple songs extending to contemporary music forms. Using only acoustic instruments, half of which have their origin in the East, they take them to the limits of their possibilities. Beyond her exquisite interpretive capacity Savina Yannatou gives special emphasis to the expression of the "music" of each different language, often using her voice as one more instrument. With a background that combines classical studies and "authentic" traditional music with improvised music and jazz, Savina Yannatou and the musicians of Primavera en Salonico are like rope-dancers on the chord which connects the modal music of the East with the equivalent music of Western Europe, music of the Middle Ages and the popular polyphonies of the Mediterranean. Starting from the melismatic riches of the Eastern Maqam using the charming irregular rhythms, they explore the territory of collective free improvisation meeting modern jazz. -

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