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Ways to Give to KEXP

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property (In-kind or Non-cash Gifts)
KEXP appreciates gifts of tangible personal property (also called in-kind or non-cash gifts).
Generally, we accept any gift that is useable or can easily be sold to provide support for the station. Unfortunately, KEXP is not able to accept all gifts of personal property that are offered.
KEXP works with the University of Washington, the holder of our FCC broadcast license, to accept gifts of personal property.
For general giving and tax information on making an in-kind or non-cash gift, please see the UW publication.

To explore making a gift of personal property to KEXP, please contact:
Leesa Schandel
Director of Development
[email protected]

Donating Goods and Services to KEXP Membership Drives: 
KEXP’s membership drives are made possible by the generous donations of food, beverages and snacks that keep our many volunteers powered throughout the drive, and by items that can be used as thank you gifts for donors. 
If your business is interested in donating food or beverages for a KEXP membership drive, please contact the Donor Services team. Businesses generously donate breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages on weekends and weekdays during our membership drives.  KEXP hosts thank businesses on the air, on the day of the donation.
If your business is interested in donating goods or services for to offer to donors as thank you gifts during our membership drives, please be advised that KEXP is delighted to accept gifts that demonstrate the organization’s mission of championing music and discovery. Gifts for use during m embership drives are accepted and approved on a case-by-case basis.
To contact KEXP about a donation for a membership drive please email the Donor Services team [email protected] or call 206.520.5843.