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Sean Morrow: Variety Mix Late Wednesday/ Early Thursday Morning 1am- 6am

I’ve been with KEXP since 2011, whereupon I began an internship with the Development Department and did my best not to spill coffee on various important documents. I quickly became intoxicated by all the musical goings-on and like-minded people in and around the station and began my stint as a DJ assistant soon afterward, first on the Wednesday overnights with DJ Shani and then with John Richards on Mondays and Cheryl Waters on Tuesdays.

On a personal note, I moved to Seattle a little more than a year ago from Vancouver, B.C. where I volunteered with CiTR 101.9 in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, mostly to snag as many free show tickets as possible. After I moved to Seattle, I worked at an insurance company called, no joke, NWA. Unfortunately my fellow work colleagues failed to see the humour in this odd juxtaposition. At present, I work as an ESL teacher and also volunteer at Hollow Earth Radio, where I host a show on Tuesday nights.

I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to be part of the KEXP team and look forward to sharing lots of great music with everybody in the community!

Other filler:

Most Memorable Concert Experience - Deerhunter - Kyoto, Japan; saw them play in a very small venue, chatted with them before, during and after the show. Bradford and the entire band are sweethearts!

Most Bizarre Concert Experience - Rob Walmat - warehouse, Seattle; the Portland group backed their repurposed ice cream truck into a warehouse and proceeded to shatter ear drums with a crazy set of crunk beats, clipped Kool & The Gang samples, trance and trap rap. In this case the well-established maxim “if this van’s a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking” did not hold true. Also, there were disco balls.

Those belonging to my movie soundtrack pantheon - Repo Man, Menace II Society

Why do you spell as if you were a foreigner? - I’m Canadian.

[Listen to Sean in the streaming archive]

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