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Quilty 3000


Variety Mix, Sunday 3PM-6PM

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Since 1993

I started radio early. I was fifteen, it was the summer of 1982 and the station was 10-watts. I had a key and if the station was off the air, I would crank up the transmitter and just go. By the end of the summer I was hooked on radio. I spent hundreds of hours broadcasting during my teenage years and had an amazing schooling in music. There I first played the likes of X and Tom Waits. I also began to learn the craft of the music segue on a little 4-track mixer that would ‘pop’ when switching into cue.

Continuing with radio through college, I did jazz, world, classical, and free-form programming at a station that really fostered music exploration. It was all vinyl then and there are songs that I can identify by playing the first few notes backwards from cueing them so often.

I started spending Saturday afternoons on 90.3 in January of 1993. I have the best time spinning together music of all sorts, from garage rock to hip-hop. My show is never planned; the music controls the flow and the order.

At KEXP I’m allowed to do what is truly my passion, choosing and playing music to make life a little louder, with more of a beat, some harmony, and lots of guitar.

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