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I escaped from the cornfields of Iowa and settled in the promised land of Prince (Minneapolis) where I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Theatre and Psychology. In 2010, I walked to the top floor of the theatre building at the U of M and unearthed the college radio station, Radio K (KUOM). The Drums were loading in for an in-studio session and they needed someone to interview them, so I quickly volunteered and never looked back. At Radio K, I hosted the morning show, local show, and also served as Music Director. I also helped out at venues including First Avenue (cue "Purple Rain"), booked shows, and wrote for various music publications from Minneapolis to Glasgow, UK. Then, I went to work for Saddle Creek Records. In August 2015, I visited Seattle and was magically offered a house to live in and a job at Sonic Boom Records. The universe seemed to be beckoning me to the West, so I packed up my car and moved a couple of months later. I immediately started volunteering at KEXP: DJ assisting John in the Morning on Mondays and interning with the Business Support and Underwriting Department. I am so happy and lucky to be a part of the KEXP family and I am ecstatic to be on-air so I can geek about all things music.

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