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Diane Horn

Diane Horn : Mind Over Matters, Sun 6-9AM
Mind Over Matters offers thought-provoking local and national progressive public affairs programming.

Producer and Host, Sustainability Segment, Mind Over Matters, 7 AM Saturdays.
The Sustainability Segment presents one-on-one interviews with inspiring leaders and grass roots activists on a variety of environmental, social, and economic issues affecting life and the future of our planet.

Time At Station:

Real Job:
Real jobs have included university teaching, cancer research, and indoor air quality consulting.
I began as a volunteer with KEXP (then KCMU) in 1995 and they never made me leave!

I like to host for Mind Over Matters and the Sustainability Segment because I interact with fascinating people who are working enthusiastically and creatively to make the world a better place. It keeps me sane!

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