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DJ El Toro

DJ El Toro : Variety Mix, Wed. 1-6AM

DJ El Toro has been spinning a wide variety of music, from Arthur Russell to Annie Ross, at venues in Seattle and New York, since 1996. Reared on the sounds of WHFS 99.1 FM Annapolis, MD during the '80s, his sets owe much to his short attention span, insatiable appetite for new music (regardless of vintage), and the lessons of many savvy mentors. In addition to his work at KEXP, he has also plied this questionable trade opening for acts including Nina Hagen, Eddie Vedder, Scissor Sisters, the B-52s, and Village People.

By day, El Toro masquerades as bespectacled writer Kurt B. Reighley. Raised in Virginia, educated in Indiana, and schooled by New York City, he has interviewed such diverse icons as Mel Tormé, Loretta Lynn, Antony, and Brian Eno, swapped trousers with Robbie Williams, and shared his popcorn with Björk. His prose currently appears on MSN Music, and in The Advocate, The Stranger, SF Weekly, and Time Out New York; he also pens the "Weird At My School" column for the KEXP blog. His favorite album is "Shag Tobacco" by Gavin Friday (Island Records, 1995). In his spare time, he is reproducing a series of classic LP covers, full-scale, in 18 gauge needlepoint; his current subject is Talking Heads' "Remain In Light."

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