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El Sonido (Latin mix)- Mondays 6-9pm PST

It’s an incredible honor and total blast to be a part of KEXP, sharing and discovering music with other people who are passionate about it.

I grew up in the musical hotbed that is rural Montana. I’ve been DJing since Jr. High and kept in touch with the outside world during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s with a constant supply of music magazines and Matador and SST mail order catalogs. I moved to Seattle in the summer of 1995 to study audio production and find me a job in this here music business. After attempts at work in live sound and studio recording I discovered the station and became a volunteer in October of 2000 when it was still KCMU. I became an employee in 2002 and have had my own radio shift since 2004. I started with music reviewing, audio production and then began assisting Greg Vandy on his show The Roadhouse. Greg showed me not only the technical side of DJing, but also how to put together a real show. I was officially trained by Cheryl Waters to be a variety DJ and it was Riz’s example that I always looked to most. All the KEXP DJs continually inspire me and I hope to do the same with our listeners. Aside from my KEXP show I work with our production department making event promos, station IDs, and editing KEXP’s killer live in-studio performances and podcasts.

[Listen to Chilly in the streaming archive]

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