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The KEXP Northwest music chart for August, 2001
1. Built to Spill - Ancient Melodies of the Future (Warner Bros)
2. Danny Barnes & Thee Old Codgers - Things I Done Wrong (Terminus)
3. Aveo -Bridge to the Northern Lights (Brown)
4. Dolour - Waiting For a World War (Sonic Boom)
5. The Delusions - The Delusions (self-released)
6. Rebecca Gates - Ruby Series (Badman)
7. Jo Miller & her Burly Roughnecks - Live and then Some! (Ranch Hand)
8. The Last Great Liar - Doppelganger (Baghead)
9. Raft of Dead Monkeys - Thoroughlev (Burnout)
10. Biography of Ferns - Merchants of Sleep and Purpose (self-released)