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The KEXP Northwest music chart
Week: 7/11/2014 - 7/17/2014
Rank Artist Album Label
1. Buy! KithkinRituals, Trances & Ecstasies for Humans in the Face of The CollapsePesanta Urfolk
2. Buy! Say HiEndless WonderBarsuk
3. Buy! My GoodnessShiver + ShakeVotiv
4. Buy! USFSIMISMCeremony
5. Buy! Chimurenga RenaissanceriZe vadZimu riZeBrick Lane
6. Buy! Space DazeFollow My Light Back HomeBeautiful Strange
7. Buy! Kingdom of the Holy SunThirteen Eyes EPself-released
8. Buy! Shabazz PalacesLese MajestySub Pop
9. Buy! Lonesome ShackMore PrimitiveAlive Naturalsound
10. Buy! Katie KateNationself-released

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