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As many listeners have reported, the current Streaming Archive has been experiencing issues for the better part of a year making listening experience troublesome and frustrating. We at KEXP share these frustrations and have been working hard to make a replacement that will offer the expected level of service you have come to expect in the past.

We soon will have a BETA version of this new Streaming Archive player available for listeners to help test. We recently requested help to beta test, and the response was overwhelming, thank you for your interest. We will be in contact with those that expressed an interest in helping in several weeks with links to the new player.

Again, we apologize that the current Streaming Archive has been so problematic, but please know we have heard you and expect you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows on demand shortly.

Thank You

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Copy the link above using CTRL + C on Windows or CMD + C on Mac

Connecting to the archive

Retrieving the list of available shows.