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Tilly Rodina : Annual Giving & Events Coordinator

Remember when you were in school and your bedroom walls were covered with posters of all your favorite bands and you constantly listened to all your favorite music 'round the clock? That's what it's like here at KEXP. What's even better is that every staff member, every donor, and volunteer is alot like you and me. O.K, so we may actually differ in various ways, but our love for great music is the same. As the Annual Giving and Events Coordinator I communicate with and organize events for KEXP's donors. Through thier generous contributions they build a music loving community that goes beyond simple geographic location. If you want to get to know these people, just come to a KEXP event, or better yet, volunteer for a pledge drive sometime. You'll meet the great people who support KEXP....and hey, the all you can eat cupcakes aren't bad either.