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Nate Prudhon : Senior Traffic Coordinator / DJ

My primary duty here at KEXP is to coordinate traffic. Based on past conversations about my job, I know what you may be thinking, but no, unfortunately there is no helicopter involved. In broadcasting, “traffic” refers to the scheduled stuff you hear between all that fabulous music: underwriting, promos, public service announcements, ticket giveaways, fund drive stuff, Emergency Alert System tests, Web ads, etc.

Let me also say: I’m sorry to interrupt you from those sweet sweet tunes! But I like to think if not for traffic we wouldn’t be able to make money, stay legal, and let you know about stuff you might like to know about. So I make sure all that gets scheduled, produced, and aired like it should.

Beginning August 2009 I hit the airwaves as a KEXP dj. More information at

I also volunteer each Sunday night as the Jazz Theater dj assistant, and you might see me volunteering during fund drives and representing KEXP at events.

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